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What are CLPs?

CLP stands for Classification, Labelling and Packaging and an explanation on what that means for Wax Melts and Candles can be found here.


Why do some of my CLPs not have warning symbols or instructions on them?

Not all labels require the symbols (called pictograms) or hazard statements as it depends on the ingredients of that fragrance oil and whether any of them are allergens or hazards. Every CLP is individual to that specific scent from a specific supplier. We get the information for the labels direct from the suppliers and do not add or remove any pictograms or obligatory hazard statements so if they should have them, they will be there.


Why does my label just say “Safety Data Sheet available on request”?

As per the answer above some fragrance oils do not contain any allergens or hazards so this is all they need to say along with the scent name and your business details.


What do I do if my fragrance oil supplier is not on your dropdown?

We will add fragrance oil suppliers as and when the demand for that company is high enough and we have the capacity to do so. We will announce new suppliers on our Social Media and to our email subscribers. In the meantime, we do provide a service for companies not on our list which comes with a minimum order of 10 sheets per scent due to the extra time it takes to create these bespoke labels for you. This service can be found here.


I don’t have a business name, address or phone number. What do I do?

It is a legal requirement for every CLP label to have the name, address and contact number of the manufacturer (you). If you do not have a business name, address or phone number then you use your personal name, address and phone number. The address details needs to be enough to identify your address – generally house number/name and postcode.

There is no way around this so if you want to be compliant your labels must have these details. Some people are concerned about having this information on their labels but we are not aware of any customer having any issues from having their address on their products.


My order says it was dispatched. Can you tell me when it will be delivered?

You will receive an email or SMS from us when your order is dispatched. It will be handed to the Royal Mail that day and you should receive a tracking number (excluding P&P to Ireland). Unless it has been 10 working days since we handed your order to the Royal Mail we cannot get any further information than you can get yourself with this tracking number. We understand how frustrating any delay is but we cannot speed up Royal Mail’s delivery process which is currently badly affected by Covid-19.


Do you do a bulk buy discount?

If you intend on making regular orders over £100 then please contact us regarding our extremely competitive bulk buy rates.


How do I order?

All orders are taken via this website. CLPs can be ordered here.