Reed Diffuser & Room Spray CLPs

Reed Diffuser & Room Spray CLPs

@ £0.79 (tax included)
(manufacturer's scent name)
(scent name on the label)
(business name)
(house number on the label)
(post code)
(phone number)

 25%, 20%, 15% & 5% CLP Labels 

*Our labels are automatically generated and cannot be changed in any way after an order is placed. Please contact us prior to completing your order if you have any queries regarding the content of the labels as this cannot be amended afterwards.*

Magic CLPs Ltd is in no way affiliated with the above suppliers. We are not selling the CLP labels on behalf of any supplier and any scent names and trademarks remain their own. Magic CLPs Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the CLP information obtained from the suppliers.

Price is per sheet of 24 round 45mm labels. 

They will all be in an identical font and the text will be size 4 including the scent name. Non-obligatory statements (eg."Avoid breathing vapour" and "Avoid release into the environment" and others) will be removed from all labels.

Business Name, Premises Number/House name, Postcode and Business Phone numbers are legal requirements. Please ensure you type them correctly as they cannot be amended once you have placed your order. They will be printed with the exact details you have entered. It remains your responsilbility to ensure that you are compliant with CLP guidance.

If your required fragrance oil is missing from our list then please contact us here. Please do not order another scent and email asking for a different one as this cannot be facilitated.